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When a tractor is needed...whether on the construction site or on the farm...having a reliable piece of equipment for pushing or pulling machinery is necessary. Our ancestors had to rely on horse and mule and ox powered means of moving the earth or the heavy items. Those days changed with the advent of tractors. Other tasks that require the use of a tractor are plowing and planting a field or pulling a trailer that till and disk a field. Contractors rely on tractors for involvement in moving rocks and other large impediments. Kubota tractors comes to the rescue as the front line piece of machinery that can do all these jobs and with little problem. Tractors are not the only thing that Kubota has a hand in making. Let us look at aspects of why they are the place to go to.

Another piece of machinery that Kubota places emphasis on are excavators. these goliaths of mechanics have one basic function...but in may uses and capacities. Excavators are needed to move earth...ie excavating the dirt and rock away from the area to be worked. They may be used in dredging a river or creek bed, used to demolish a building, to dig a large ditch or trench, or to simply move rock for a landscaping need. These are but a few uses for what an excavator accomplishes. Kubota excavators and kubota backhoes are top names in the business for completing these needed tasks through their various excavation lines.

Kubota also is a name in the areas of mowers. When the grass is getting shaggy on the field and needs good trim, the Kubota makes itself known as a purveyor of quality mowing equipment. The world of farming is not just relegated to the pasture and crops. They also have to keep the grass down in areas, just as a landscaper needs to keep the gold courses and ball fields kept up. Kubota lawn mowers by tradition just are not a hand pushed apparatus, but is greatly used in maintaining large tracts of land. Kubota mowers are seen in many venues for doing the job. We have only begun to see what Kubota is capable of making and accomplishing.

This world is an ever-changing place. Nations are built and cities are changing. We demolish, build, create, and alter the face of our civilizations at a daily pace. The job for changing these monolithic buildings and terrains for growth is conquered by one group of people...construction workers. When a job needs to be done and requires skills for moving material, changing landscapes and prepping the foundation, these folks get the call. On top of that, we now live in a society that requires us to focus on doing the job environmentally equipped. This means to do all that needs to be done without a major impact or harm to the world we live in. One of the best known and major players in this game is Kubota...makers of tractors, mowers, construction equipment of all kinds. Kubota is a name that garners respect and consideration from professionals globally that work in the construction realm. Kubota has historically and practically developed a reputation as a top choice for getting the job done...in a timely fashion, mechanically sound and environmentally respectful way.

The professional cannot always get around the work site or the farm owner around his acreage simply by foot or even a truck. Sometimes the need to get around and be able to carry a few simple items requires the use of an RTV (rough terrain vehicle). This vehicle, known to some as mini tractors, has a great use for moving around pieces of property and in places safety doesn’t allow pedestrian traffic. These all terrain type of vehicle are even a necessary element in places where catastrophes have happened or where a smaller all terrain vehicle is the best option. These compact, quick vehicles are built with a back bed for hauling things and a comfortable cab for an operator and passenger. Once again, the name that rings true in making a solidly built and durable utility vehicle is the Kubota RTV 900.

But wait, we are not finished. There other Kubota made pieces of equipment that have defined reliability and endurance in their reputation. For front-end loaders and backhoes, Kubota is a name of recognition. Backhoes are used predominantly in digging a “hole” or trench and then a loader comes along and picks-up the remnants for placing in a pile or a dump truck. Kubota even makes a combination form of this heavy equipment and is considered a strong player in these forms of construction equipment. In the realm of heavy equipment and smaller developed tractors and mowers, Kubota has a strong presence.

Mechanically Kubota is not going to be outdone either. They have a strong field for making available parts and accessories to fix the machine when they are out of service.
Parts supplies are made available on a global scale because Kubota machinery is utilized around the world. Repair manuals are not hard to find either for these different pieces of equipment that Kubota caters to. They are easy to read and being able to get back on the job is efficiently completed because of their availability and ease of understanding.

Kubota takes extreme pride in making a line of construction and farm equipment that is friendly to the environment. Their machinery technology takes into mind that this is different day and age and the old ways of doing things doesn’t work anymore. Kubota has taken a global stage spotlight in creating machinery that works with the environment and not endanger it. The Kubota Corporation is built upon the premise of making machines that are durable, strong and reliable. This company has a lot on the line and they will not forsake quality for anything.

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